Frequently Asked Questions

Domatio is a one-stop hub for roommates. Our website includes a discussion board, to send out public messages. We also provide financial applications for roommates to split bills and keep track of who has paid. We also keep a bill history and send out email reminders for deadlines, so you can toss out your spreadsheets! Domatio also provides tools for roommates to assign chores to one another.
Once you've created an account, you can send out invites via email.
There is not a limit to the amount of roommates you can have.
Yes. You can change your username and email on the account settings page.
Not at this moment. If there are other users in your group, they may be able to provide you the email you signed up with.
The news feed is your home page when you log into Domatio. On the news feed, you will find Bills and Chores that are due within 3 days, and Discussions that have been posted/created in the past 3 days.
Yes. Any one in the group can change the group name.
No specific user has any more priviledges than the other. All users can edit the group name and chores. However, you cannot manage bills that you have not created or delete discussion posts that are not yours.
No, currently you need seperate accounts for each group you are in.
Yes, you are allowed to leave a group.
No. Groups are only deleted once every user leaves the group.
Yes. You can delete your account from our account settings.
If there is any other questions, concerns, suggestions or issues contact us.